Graphic Design Trends in Los Angeles

Graphic design in Los Angeles proceeds through trends. The trends experienced here are probably similar to those across the country. Though, LA and NYC attract numerous graphic designers because these cities have many marketing and advertising agencies. The movie and entertainment industry in Los Angeles also has a great concentration of animated graphic artists.

One trend existing now is the use of minimalistic flat graphics, especially in icons and buttons.

It seems to me that as society becomes more complex we seek simplicity. We are becoming more sophisticated and minimalism is traditionally a style appreciated by cultivated and refined tastes.

We are more educated and worldly wise than ever, thanks to the advent of the internet and the wide reach of journalists. All day, everyday, we receive a constant stream of pictures and graphics from around the world via our digital devices.

Sunset Blvd. Graphics in Los Angeles

Everywhere you look there are graphics; billboards, signs, TV, menus, mail, your phone, etc. Perhaps, this is why we yearn to understand something quickly and with ease while also giving our eyes a rest with minimalistic design.

However, as with every design trend, it’s important not to look like everyone else. The best designs are innovative and distinct. However, armed with creativity, even trendy flat designs can be made fresh. Some of the fresh takes I’ve seen involve modern colors, applied textures or a fresh use of flat design.

I’m lucky to be exposed to many awesome free thinkers, photographers, animators, artists, and graphic designers in Los Angeles; they inspire me. I really appreciate the creative spirit I see everywhere I look. In Los Angeles, I am often surprised by the nourished creativity found in the most unexpected places and things.

It will be interesting to see how graphic design evolves in 2016, not just in Los Angeles, but around the world.