Linda Sturling, is a Freelance Graphic Designer in Los Angeles, but services everywhere. Her freelance forte as a designer includes logo design, ads, web design, brochures and communications materials.

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If you’re not in Los Angeles; no worries! I have numerous clients outside of LA, located all over the US.


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    Let’s discuss your graphic design needs and meet! I’ve helped numerous businesses and individuals in Los Angeles portray a best in class image.

    Graphic Design for Personal Use

    I’ve created graphic designs for personal events and memorabilia pieces, as well, which are a lot of fun. I love creating beautiful designs that make an event memorable or add personal meaning in an artistic manner.

    Graphic Design for Business

    Undoubtedly, great design brings in significant benefits to a business. There are many studies showing how important design is in converting customers and how the perception of a business attracts and retains customers. My personal experience in working locally with businesses on a long-term basis has allowed me to see how branding and an image make-over can truly impact and grow a company. In some ways, a great graphic design can sell your products and services and attract the right audience.

    Graphic design is a strategy, as much as the elements it uses, such as the colors, text, graphics, and proportions. Excellence in graphic design pulls people in.

    Contact By mail only: 21781 Ventura Blvd. #71A, Woodland Hills, CA 91364.

    Call or message freelance graphic designer, Linda Sturling at 818-964-0967. Are you in Los Angeles? If it suits you, we can meet, in person.

    Linda Sturling is a Freelance Graphic Designer in Los Angeles, my office is located in the suburb of Woodland Hills, Warner Center area.
    My talents as a graphic artist include logo design, magazine ads, book covers, sign graphics, web design, invitations, business cards, postcards, wine labels, blog design, brochures, direct mail, graphics for product packages, designs for bus wraps and more.
    Have a look around my portfolio.

    Contact me at 818-964-0967. Are you in Los Angeles? If it suits you, we can meet, in person.

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