Linda Sturling, is a Freelance Graphic Designer in Los Angeles, but services everywhere. Her freelance forte as a designer includes logo design, ads, web design, brochures and communications materials.

Brochure Design Services

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Engage with Tactile Design

Freelance graphic designer, Linda Sturling, creates tactile connections with your customers with a well-designed brochure. Investing in a creative and powerful brochure design will make you or your company or organization stand out from the crowd and showcase your best features. Brochures are, by there very nature, something people like to hang on to when beautifully designed.

Brochures Differ from Websites

Brochures have survived the digital revolution because of their unique ability to drive sales off the beaten path and are easily shared. Brochures can be used in direct mail campaigns, handed out at events or meetings, and stored easily for future use or referral. Brochures are easily accessible and gives readers information that’s easily digestible. Everyone knows that some people prefer to read print and commit time to reading a great brochure where images, graphics and words captivate a reader

Types of Brochures:

  • Folded Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Newsletters
  • Lookbooks
  • Flyers

Linda Sturling, a Los Angeles freelance graphic designer, can also help with a logo or web design, copywriting, branding, ads, and company communications.

Advantages of Brochures

Brochures, catalogs, and flyers have a unique advantage over digital media because it can take up real estate on a person’s table and serve as a constant reminder. Neuromarketing research shows that print has an advantage over digital. Great graphic design in print affects our brain in different and more powerful ways.

Brochures are also very flexible in the ways they can be used to be placed in someone’s hands. Brochures are very easy to distribute, they can be handed out at events and it’s also very easy to mail without any hassle.

Curiosity Created by Words and Spectacular Design in Brochures are in Easy Reach

Brochures also have the added advantage of great flexibility in designs, including sizes, custom shapes, and numerous paper stocks. Today, there are hundreds of ways available to companies in printing. In Los Angeles, some brochures even have popups and laser cuts and all sorts of creativity that is only limited by the designer. The more common tri-folds and booklets have new smaller pocket, jumbo sizes and more.

As a freelance graphic designer in Los Angeles, I know that brochure designs for print can also be converted to digital PDF format and distributed across sharing media sites, emails and be make downloadable from websites and social media.

Brochure Design has Come of Age

Today’s technologies in graphic design software, professional inks (including metallics and foils), printing methods and machines have created new opportunities in outstanding brochure design. Intriguing sizes, extraordinary paper and card stocks, clever folds, impressive imagery, and artful use of type and beautiful colors can contribute to a brochure that makes a great impression.

As a graphic designer, I’ve helped numerous companies in Los Angeles and beyond with creative and effective brochure designs.

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Linda Sturling is a Freelance Graphic Designer in Los Angeles, my office is located in the suburb of Woodland Hills, Warner Center area.
My talents as a graphic artist include logo design, magazine ads, book covers, sign graphics, web design, invitations, business cards, postcards, wine labels, blog design, brochures, direct mail, graphics for product packages, designs for bus wraps and more.
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Contact me at 818-964-0967. Are you in Los Angeles? If it suits you, we can meet, in person.

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