How Freelance Graphic Designers Charge in Los Angeles

How Freelance Graphic Designers Charge in Los Angeles

How freelance graphic designers charge varies widely.

In Los Angeles, some charge hourly while others charge a flat-fee for projects. Many designers even use either or depending on the client’s needs and preferences. In some situations, an hourly rate may be more suitable, especially when the client is unsure of his needs and wants to to try many different designs until he is satisfied. An hourly rate may also be suitable when both parties have an ongoing working relationship that is consistent and the client hires the freelance graphic designer for ongoing projects.

Freelance Flat-Fee vs Hourly Rate

Freelance graphic designers who charge a flat-fee to give peace of mind to a client who doesn’t want unexpected surprises in costs. When a designer designates a flat-fee she does so after talking and asking questions to get a good idea of the requirements and estimate the amount of time it takes in creating the design. A flat-fee is also easier to work out in terms of invoicing as it is industry standard for a graphic designer to collect fifty percent upfront and the remainder due at the completion of the project.

An hourly rate charged by a freelance graphic designer is most used for large projects or projects when interaction with a company’s staff or employees are necessary and unpredictable. One such instance is a project where in the designer participates in meetings with a company’s employees to gather information, feedback or in coordination, such as in corporate web design.

The choice of whether to charge hourly or a flat-fee is something considered by a freelance graphic designer in a way that benefits and is fair to both parties. My experience as a freelance graphic designer in Los Angeles has been that clients like flat-fee project based pricing more and so that is how I price most projects. I’ve worked on so many projects and with numerous clients over such a long time that I already know how long it typically takes. Usually, this pricing benefits the clients more because I always strive to deliver my best even if it takes longer than expected.

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