How Graphic Design Will Change in the Future

How Graphic Design Will Change in the Future

Future graphic designers will probably be more involved in 3D.

How graphic design will change in the future will probably involve virtual reality, 3D and more animations. I’m already seeing people, in Los Angeles, dipping their toe in this pool, so to speak, myself included. Though, I do think it will take a lot of time for us, graphic designers, to adapt and learn new technologies and techniques, which are right now unchartered territory. I know many graphic designers may feel overwhelmed on where to start, because there is yet no clear direction or even common standards and definitions of what this could involve in regards to software and techniques.

Technology Influences Graphic Design

Technologies, like virtual reality, have not yet been adapted by the general public, much less the business sector, at least in Los Angeles. and so many probably don’t yet feel a need to move into this arena. It seems there are too many unknowns at this point, in year 2020. Who knows what this may look like ten or twenty years from now, when the future of graphic design is here.

But for right now, I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see how graphic design will change in the future because I haven’t come across a reputable source to give me the inside knowledge or direction. My best guessed answer to you, from what I’ve gathered and researched, is virtual reality and a lot more animated graphics, but that really has an emphasis on digital screens as a means of communications.

I don’t see much change in the future in graphic design for print, just because of the very nature of print and the economics of printing costs for businesses. Unless the technology of print on paper changes dramatically to allow for more sensory interaction, I just don’t see graphic design in print changing much except, of course, in style. That’s a given, though, because styles always change as culture changes.

Future changes in graphic design really depend on the technologies that support graphic design creatives and the technologies where graphic design is applied and realized into physical communications materials.

Thank you for reading my opinions and thoughts on how graphic design will change in the future. Have a very blessed and happy day!

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