I Need a Graphic Designer

I Need a Graphic Designer

As a freelancer in Los Angeles, I hear this phrase often.

When someone tells me, “I need a graphic designer,” it’s because the person has a particular project in mind and need help now. However, it may be helpful to have some tidbits of information at hand when you call the graphic designer. However, it’s ok if you don’t have everything because a great graphic designer knows how to ask the right questions to get information.

Need to Be Ready

Graphic Designer Needs This:

  1. Project goals: Know what you hope to achieve with the design project. Is this for advertising a particular service or product? Are you creating awareness of you new business or product? Are you trying to create loyalty among existing customers? If it’s for an event, what style do you think best suits the event, what is the overall theme or what style will the event be decorated? What kind of event is this?
  2. Brand guidelines: If you have an existing brand identity, provide the designer with guidelines on colors, fonts, and other elements that must be incorporated into the design.
  3. Content: Is the graphic designer writing the copy or are you providing the copy (text)? Are there images you have that you want included in the design. Linda Sturling Graphic Design can source high quality professional and licensed images for you if necessary. Linda Sturling Graphic Design has access to billions of images and the best image search softwares. Sturling can also create 3d generated and photorealistic images.
  4. Design inspiration: Share any design samples or inspiration that you have found online or elsewhere that you like or dislike. This will give the designer a better sense of your preferences. This is not a necessary step and completely optional. In fact, most of Sturling’s clients have not done this.
  5. Technical specifications: Let the designer know if it’s for print or digital distribution, such as email or on the website. These matters are always discussed for every project but if you plan to use the same design in more than one distribution channel you should mention that. Or if you plan to re-purpose the design for another format, you should let the designer know.
  6. Timeline: Discuss with the graphic designer any timelines or urgent deadlines for the project.
  7. Budget: Discuss with the designer what you would like and cost.

By providing these details, the designer will have a better understanding of your graphic design needs and will be able to create graphic designs that meet your expectations.

Ultimately, you need a graphic designer because they possess creativity, technical expertise, and in Linda Sturling Graphic Design’s case, a background in marketing and advertising and artistic talent. Sturling is also very skilled at analyzing a design challenge, identifying key issues and points, and developing a creative solution with influence to action.  She is also keen on attention to detail and knows how to use design, color, images and text to create a mood and evoke emotion.

You may say, “I need a graphic designer,” because graphic designers possess a unique combination of skills and creativity that allow her to create effective and beautifully appealing designs. Essentially, you need a graphic designer like Sturling, who is really successful, to accomplish your goal.

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