FAQs About Graphic Designers

There is a wide array of graphic designers, each one unique in the portfolio and services. Those who have worked with a lot of companies, businesses, and individuals have a wide and varied portfolio. In Los Angeles, the graphic designers working in the entertainment industry are a league of their own because they develop unique skills usually related to animations and motion graphics. Much of the portfolio of an employed or freelance graphic designer will depend on the organizations she chooses to work for.

Below are some frequently asked questions and some contain information that I think is important to impart to anyone who is interested in becoming a graphic designer or interested in hiring one, whether freelance or not. These questions and answers can help you understand why graphic designers can vary so much, and especially as it pertains to Los Angeles, California.

Is being a graphic designer in Los Angeles a good career?

Having a successful career as a graphic designer in Los Angeles depends on many factors. Some of the factors are your portfolio, businesses you work for whether as a freelancer or employee and like anything else, a passion and enjoyment for art, design, and communications.

Where do graphic designers work?

Graphic designers can work for just about any business or organization as it benefits every one of them to excel in their communications materials and brand. Most graphic designers in Los Angeles work for businesses, many of them related to the film and entertainment industry. Though, there are a wide variety of Los Angeles businesses, churches, and organizations that hire graphic designers.

Do graphic Designers make logos?

Many graphic designers make logos, but not all. Many specialize in a particular area because they chose too. For instance, some started off designing t-shirts and that’s all the experience they have and they do well in that field. Some graphic designers are great illustrators and artists and thus start working as a cartoon artist or creating background scenes for graphic animations and do well in that industry.

What is the job outlook for a graphic designer in Los Angeles?

According to government statistics, the projected growth rate for graphic designers is below average at 3%. At the time of this writing, there were only 188 job openings for graphic designers in the Los Angeles’ zip code with the highest population. However, don’t let that deter you, you just have to be well prepared for stiff competition and be sure to have a great portfolio.

Which industries do Los Angeles graphic designers work in most?

A lot of Los Angeles graphic designers work in the movie, entertainment, and digital media industries. The reason being is that all of these industries need and use graphic designers either as employees or freelancers every day. Graphics have to be made for movies, sitcoms, commercials, albums, news, print, social media and so much more. Aside from the obvious designs made for the public, a lot of these companies utilize graphic designers for internal communications, as well.

What do graphic designers do in video games?

Graphic designers create the layout and graphics for the interface of a game. Other types of graphic designers may create graphics, scenes, icons, or other types of elements within the game itself. More than likely, a company will utilize different graphic designers and they all work on the game at the same time, hoping to accomplish by a deadline.

Do graphic designers need to know how to draw?

It is certainly helpful for a graphic designer to know how to draw in order to create custom designs and illustrations. It is expected from a graphic designer to be creative and actually create original work if you want to work for top companies and organizations. Knowing how to draw is also helpful because it’s much easier and faster not just in creating but also to create in the style that you want.

What is the salary of a graphic designer in Los Angeles?

The salary a graphic designer in Los Angeles makes depends much on the talent and experience, and place of work. If the graphic designer does freelance work then other factors come into play, such as business skills and marketing because a freelance designer is in fact, running a business. With no experience, an employed graphic designer will range 32k to 50k in Los Angeles. The top 10% of graphic designers make 80k, this salary is of graphic designer with many years of experience and probably has some management skills under his belt. This salary is typical of a graphic designer who has been promoted to Art Director or Creative Director and manages other graphic designers. An art, user experience, or creative director requires more skills than just being a graphic designer.

Is it true the city of Los Angeles placed an ugly ad to attract graphic designers?

Yes, the city of Los Angeles placed an ad that looked like it was created by a child or someone who decided to become a graphic designer 5 minutes before creating the ad. The ad was posted in 2018 and became a viral firestorm within the design community because of its tongue-in-cheek and humorous nature.

In Los Angeles, what are the educational requirements for a graphic designer?

Most businesses want a graphic designer with a bachelor’s degree and advanced knowledge of software. Proof of technical training may also be a requisite if you don’t have a portfolio.

Is there a Los Angeles guild for graphic designers?

I know of a few guilds in Los Angeles for graphic designers. One is the Graphic Artists guild which has a “West Region” that includes California. Many guilds are national and are subdivided into smaller areas. There is also the Greater Los Angeles Graphic Designers Guild, which doesn’t seem to require a membership fee.

Are there associations in Los Angeles for graphic designers?

The most popular association for graphic design is by far AIGA Los Angeles, which is a subdivision of the national AIGA. This association has everything you can expect from an association, including events, workshops and other educational happenings, interviews, and many ways to connect with other graphic designers who live and work in Los Angeles, California.

Are graphic designers in Los Angeles in demand?

Yes, you only have to look at job postings to see that graphic designers in Los Angeles are in demand. However, what we don’t know is how many people apply for these jobs. The need for graphic designers will increase, but the demand for specific skills in different industries varies. In the movie and streaming media industries there is high demand for skills in animated graphics. This requires advanced knowledge in specialized software most likely acquired through formal training.

Can a graphic designer become a UX designer?

Yes, a graphic designer can become a UX designer which is a lucrative career. UX designers are also in high demand. Transitioning from a graphic designer to a UX designer is no easy task but can be done with some planning and effort. The easiest method is to simply take some classes on UX design and related courses.

Do graphic designers code?

Graphic designers that code are rare. Linda Sturling is one of the few and far between graphic designers that know how to code and knows how to code well. Designer Linda Sturling knows how to code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, SQL and more.

Will graphic designers become obsolete?

In my opinion, graphic designers will never become obsolete. Graphic designers have complex thoughts and must innovate when creating a design; they must think of several different thought processes in different directions at the same time, in some instances. Computers do what they are told; they don’t invent. Graphic design requires creativity and innovation.

Which graphic designer is best?

I am. Of course, every graphic designer will tell you they are. What matters is who you think is the best graphic designer. You make that decision by looking at someone’s portfolio and experience if you’re looking to hire.

Why is a graphic designer important?

A graphic designer is important to society because they make things, events, and time move faster by improving communications. Graphic designers make life easier, make businesses more successful, and advance the missions of organizations by communicating ideals, emotions, information, and ways of doing that words alone cannot accomplish in seconds.

Do graphic designers work alone?

Freelance graphic designers are more likely to work alone, though when working on large projects may work with copywriters or others. Employed graphic designers working for small businesses are more likely to also work on graphic designs alone but with guidance on direction. Employed graphic designers working for large organizations or businesses are more likely to work as part of a team.

What does the career path of a graphic designer in Los Angeles look like?

A graphic designer may start as an intern or junior graphic designer. From there it can go in so many different directions depending on the experience you gain, the companies you work for and the type of work under your belt.

Is it a tough market in Los Angeles for graphic designers?

I believe it is, especially for those looking to break into the field because a lot is expected from a graphic designer. Not only do you have to have artistic talent, but you need some auxiliary knowledge, which can be gained from a formal education or experience working with the right people.

Do you need a degree to become a graphic designer?

Generally speaking, you need a bachelor’s degree. Most companies look for a degree in Arts & Sciences, marketing or related field. A few want a degree specifically to graphic design which is not usually offered at most big universities or colleges. Though they usually have some time of design degree or specialization.

As a graphic designer in Los Angeles, is editing photos commonplace?

If you are not working on a team, but solo, then it would greatly benefit a graphic designer in Los Angeles to edit photos. If you work in the entertainment industry, they usually have photo editors that are part of the team. Each company is different but it will always benefit the designer to have that know-how.

In Los Angeles, what do small to mid-size businesses expect from a graphic designer?

In Los Angeles, businesses have higher expectations from a graphic designer because of the deep knowledge and broadness of the creative industries here.

Do graphic designers travel?

No most graphic designers do not travel, in Los Angeles. Freelance graphic designers may travel within the city of Los Angeles to meet clients. For freelancers, video and audio calls suffice for meetings with clients outside of Los Angeles, California.

What kinds of skills are hot and highly in demand for a graphic designer in Los Angeles?

Without a doubt, in Los Angeles, animations and 3D graphics are in very high demand and very few people know how to do this kind of work.

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